At A&T Mechanical, we know how much a cool home in the summer months means. That’s why we offer top of the line products for install, or for those who are already happy with their unit, a 20+ point check-up of your unit for a low low price. Service is what we do best, and helping your family stay cool in this heat with the help of our expert HVAC Technicians is the glue to our business. Let our team help your team with all of your cooling needs.

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A Lennox Unit has what it takes to give you the most bang for your buck. Commercial or residential,

saving you money and keeping you cool is what it does, period.

A powerful unit that has what it takes to keep you and your family cool and comfortable 

in these hot Oklahoma summers, guaranteed.

With one of the top performing brands in the A/C world on our side, we make sure your

unit runs as long and as smoothly as possible.

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