Have you noticed that your air conditioner is leaking too much water? It is mainly due to a dirty AC filter or improper installation of AC. A little dripping is perfectly normal, but excessive leaking is not. 

How Much Water Leak Is Normal?

If you notice a small amount of water, more precisely a few drops falling from your air conditioner, don’t worry, it is happening, especially if you live in a hot and humid place. Condensation occurs at a faster speed, and residual water may drip off occasionally. A sufficient quantity of water will dry out due to environmental heat.

If the water leakage is severe, the better option is to contact a professional. Look for Air Conditioner Repair, OKC, and contact them to get your AC issues solved.

Want To Know The Reason For Water Leaks From The AC?  

Here are the top reasons that cause water leaks in the air conditioner. Many factors can affect the cause of air-conditioning system leaks, whether at home or outside. These include :

  • A Dirty Air-filter – If your air conditioner filter is clogged or even partially blocked, it will freeze the evaporator coil of the unit and can cause excess water to overflow from the drain pan.
  • Defective condensate pan – If a pan designed to hold water breaks due to aging or corrosion, then it can cause your AC to leak water.
  • Clogged drain pipe – The normal function of an air conditioner is to let water flow through a series of drain pipes before entering the drain pipe. If any of these drain pipes are blocked, water will leak.
  • Faulty AC installation – If your air conditioner is new and leaking, it may be the wrong size or improper AC installation for your home.
  • Low refrigerant level – If the refrigerant level in the air conditioner is too low, it causes the AC unit to lose pressure.  It may freeze the coil and cause the drain pan to overflow when it melts.

How Did You Fix The Water Leakage Problem? 

If your air conditioner drips frequently and you are not sure how to fix it, you need to check the following things first:

  • Check the AC filters and make sure they are clean. If they become dirty or clogged, clean them thoroughly to resolve the issue.
  • Then check the drain pipe and remove any blockage that might prevent the water from draining. Once the block is clear and the water flows out, there will not be more leakage problems.
  • Finally, during the AC installation process, you should make sure it is done correctly. If there is an unexplained AC leak, check how it is installed. 

If your AC is still leaking, hire the best professionals for AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK. It is always a good idea to sign a one-year maintenance contract for your air conditioner. Professional cleaners will check your air conditioner every few months. 

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