Serving our community is what has made us who we are.

For over 40 years, A & T Mechanical has been servicing the heat and air needs of Central Oklahoma. We are a small family-owned and operated business located in Edmond, OK.

We are dedicated to offering the best professional and personalized service for every customer at an affordable rate. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, and with our licensed and certified HVAC contractor/technicians, we strive to exceed your expectations.

A&T Mechanical: The Origin Story

The story begins in 1976 when a young family man, full of ambition and know-how, worked for a commercial refrigeration company. He dreamed of a brighter future and a way to provide for his family. This man is Jesse Michael Alvarez.

Jesse didn’t come from means or privilege, but that didn’t stop him from jumping out in faith and purchasing A&T Mechanical in the 1980s. It stretched him, but it must have been fate because Jesse had very little savings, but the seller gave him “a heck of a deal.” The business had 40 employees and over 15 trucks and did mainly commercial HVAC and Refrigeration. Jesse was proud of being the captain of his own fate in running and owning a business, but it wasn’t long before Oklahoma’s economic collapse pulled the rug out from under his dream.

Due to the economic collapse in the local economy, Jesse went from running a successful business with too much work to catch up with, to mortgaging his home just to meet payroll. Creditors came for blood, and Jesse contemplated filing bankruptcy. He let go of all his employees and did what it took to keep the business alive. He didn’t give up and he did keep the business alive with just himself and one other loyal employee doing the work for years.

At the heart of A&T Mechanical is a family-centered and family-driven business. The core value of the company is to be of service. A service need is a human need and Jesse emphasizes a personalized approach in every customer service interaction. It is putting others first and having that personal touch that kept his business going in the tough years.

Jesse’s two children, Jessica and Joseph, now work with their dad day in and day out. Having his kids work with him is indescribable and is one of the greatest joys of his life. The perceived failures of the past have ignited renewed hopes for the future. His children will continue his legacy! In the end we are all family and we look forward to including you in ours….give us a call today!

Lamentations 3:22-23