Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Fluid?

With the rise in temperature and constant fatigue, the idea of relaxing in the comfort of your air conditioner home sounds like heaven. It is heaven until your air conditioner unit coughs up and shows symptoms of slowing down or trouble.

What you don’t need in the middle of the blazing summer is a faulty AC unit. Whether it’s not enough to cool air blowing inside the house or if there seems to be fluid leaking from the unit, it is advisable to check up on your system before calling for the nearest HVAC agency for an AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

Reasons your AC is leaking

A common issue with air conditioner units is leakage of fluid. If your air conditioner is leaking a considerable amount of water for more than a day, it is advisable to avail of air conditioner repair services in OKC. There could be many reasons for your air conditioner to leak water – 

Cold Outdoor Temperatures

If the temperature outdoors is below 60 degrees, using the air conditioner can lead to leakage. The evaporator coils could build up with ice and can cause leakage on the unit. You can prevent the freezing of coils by cracking open a window or two or using a ceiling fan.

  • Lack Of Refrigerant

Frozen coils can also be caused by a lack of refrigerant in the air conditioner. With low refrigerant levels, the pressure in the system decreases as well, leading to iced coils and leaking. This can be solved by adding more refrigerants.

  • Blocked Drain Pipe

The condensate water in your air conditioner system is designed in such a way so that it moves out for smooth functioning. When the pipe is blocked from dirt and debris, it leads to water buildup and ultimately leaks out of the system.

  • Dirty Air Filters

In the case that your filters are dirty or blocked, there is no proper ventilation. Your coils can freeze up and cause leaks in your AC system. Professionals advise you to clean your air filters every 30-60 days for easier air movement.

  • Broken Pump

Once your air conditioner’s condensate pump breaks, excess water would not be pumped out of the system into the condenser pan. This causes slow leaks from your air conditioner system.

  • Broken Condensate Pan

With age, your air conditioner’s condensate pan can rust or split, which in turn causes leaks from your air conditioner. You can replace a faulty pan or contact a professional to look into it.

  • Improper Installation

If your air conditioning unit is new but still shows signs of leakage, it ought to be because of faulty installation. Incorrectly installed drain pipes can also lead to water leaking from your air conditioner. In this case, look for air conditioner repair in OKC.

With several causes that could be the culprit, calling in a professional to inspect your air conditioning unit is highly recommended. Be sure to contact an HVAC company, like A&T Mechanical, for more information. To avail of the best AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK, call us at (405)-810-8891. Feel free to write to us at okatmechanical@gmail.com


Why Is There Ice On Your Air Conditioner and How to Repair It

Ice can form on or inside your air conditioner, even during hot summers when temperatures outside rise. This can cause major issues, so it’s critical to understand why ice forms in air conditioners and how to avoid yours from freezing up. Thus, it is vital to know the indicators and get in touch with heating services in Oklahoma City, OK, immediately to prevent further damage. 

When An Air Conditioner Freezes, What Causes It To Do So?

If your air conditioning system freezes, it’s either because something is blocking heat from passing from your home to the Compressed air, or the evaporator coils are becoming too cold.

Several factors can add up and cause your air conditioning unit to freeze up. These can be – 

  • The Refrigerant Level Is Low

You will notice a leak if your refrigerant level is low. As a result, the Freon in the air conditioner’s evaporator coil expands too much, reducing the temperature below freezing and causing ice to form. However, this can be prevented easily by getting the coolant level checked up by a technician from heating services in Oklahoma City, OK. The problem of ice can easily be prevented by regular maintenance checks every year. 

  • The Evaporator Coil Is Filthy

Because it inhibits airflow through the unit, a filthy evaporator coil can cause ice to build on your air conditioner. A filthy coil can also cause considerable harm to the compressor and lead the AC unit to require more electricity while delivering less cool air. To prevent further breakdown, shut off the system completely and call an expert to get the coil cleaned. 

  • Restricted The Airflow Through The Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners require air to move through the system to function effectively. When there is insufficient ventilation, the temperature drops, causing the AC unit to freeze. Dirty air filters, closed vents, and obstructions or leaks in the ductwork can all hinder airflow. The formation of ice due to restricted airflow can easily be prevented by getting your air filters changed and cleaning the ductwork regularly.

  • Failure Of The Mechanical System

Your central air conditioning system can freeze due to broken valves, a damaged blower fan or fan motor, kinked refrigerant lines, or a clogged drain. If there is a mechanical problem, the best course is to shut off the system and connect with a professional for air conditioning repair in OKC to handle the problem.

How Can One Know If There Is Ice In The Air Conditioning System?

Although ice inside your air conditioner is difficult to see, it can cause major harm and must be repaired as soon as possible. It’s normal for air conditioners to drop water in the humid environment of the Midwest. However, a full drip pan could indicate melted ice in the air conditioning system. The sound of ice chunks falling, such as when your refrigerator defrosts, is another warning. 

How To Repair Icing?

If you detect either of these, immediately turn off the air conditioner and let the ice thaw naturally. It is also wise to call a technician for air conditioner repair in OKC

If you are from Oklahoma City, A &T Mechanical Heat and Air Service Inc. are the best choices for hiring a reliable technician and getting the issue resolved.

When To Upgrade Your Heating Or Air Conditioning System

These days, companies release newer versions and models of their products ever so often, especially when the product is technical equipment. You may buy the latest machine model today and find a better version of the same released in six months. HVAC equipment is not different. 

However, one cannot just replace their heating or cooling system every year, and yet, must recognize the need for an upgrade when it is due. How can you tell? Considering the following points in the context of your heating or cooling system will help you identify if it is time for an upgrade.

An inefficient boiler or furnace

The key feature of an efficient boiler is high fuel utilization efficiency which means low carbon emissions. Recognizing that your boiler or furnace is inefficient and needs to be replaced is quite easy. Watch out for signs like the boiler emitting heat, poorly insulated ductwork, the presence of pilot light on the heater, and the furnace being the wrong size. 

If you observe any of these things, it is time to call on heating services in Oklahoma City, OK, for a replacement. 

Choosing replacement over repair

It is usually advisable to try air conditioner repair in OKC before you think about a replacement. However, if you find that repair has become too frequent or the repair calls for new parts that will be expensive anyway, it is more efficient to go for a replacement instead.  

Low Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating helps determine the seasonal efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Since energy (fuel or gas) efficiency can be measured in heating systems, the SEER rating is a similar measurement for air conditioners. The higher this rating is (13 is considered the minimum, while 16 is average and 20 is good), the better.

Outdated model

Although a well-maintained system can last for well over a decade, newer models are proven to be more energy-efficient and come with modernistic features like the currently highly popular smart thermostats. So, if the age of your system is nearing ten years, it may be time for an upgrade.

Desire to increase the property’s market value

If you wish to increase your house’s resale/market value, installing brand new heating and cooling systems is a way of instantly accomplishing the same. The installation cost will be a sound investment here as you are likely to get a much better price this way.

Availing of tax credits and rebate

As a part of their initiatives to promote energy-efficient systems, the governments (both federal and local) offer different kinds of tax benefits. You can avail of these by replacing your old system with a more efficient one.

With the help of this list, you shall be able to recognize it when your heating or cooling system needs an upgrade. For more details and consultation about the same, contact A & T Mechanical, one of the leading HVAC service providers in central Oklahoma, and get a quote today!

How Often Should You Get A Residential AC Maintenance Service?

Why get a regular maintenance service for your AC? An air conditioner checked and tuned up regularly is less likely to surprise you with a breakdown and leave you stranded in the heat, needing an air conditioner repair in OKC. Regular maintenance ensures a smooth and energy-efficient run, helping you save on power bills. And ultimately, a well-maintained AC will have a longer lifespan. 

How often should you schedule a maintenance service? Most residential units only require an annual tune-up. However, sometimes people with overused units or ones that serve as both heaters and coolers also scheduled tune-ups bi-annually.

Which is the perfect time for annual residential maintenance service? The spring season is considered to be the best time of the year for annual AC maintenance service. The pricing is at its best, and it makes sure your AC is ready for the summer just in time. 

What does this maintenance include? The following is a checklist for the standard procedure that your service provider will use for your annual AC maintenance service – 

Condensate drain line cleaning

Drain lines can get clogged easily with dirt and debris. Leaving them clogged will result in a restricted outbound flow of the moisture that the unit collects. Hence, your maintenance service includes a thorough cleaning of the drain line. 

Condenser and evaporator coils inspection

The position of the evaporator coil makes it more vulnerable to dirt and debris. It is thus quite easily clogged. The condenser, although placed inside, is also prone to get clogged by dirt. If the condenser and evaporator coils are restricted, there will be an added pressure on the rest of the unit to support the flow of hot and cool air. Such a situation can easily result in a breakdown.

Ductwork inspection

Faults in the ductwork are the reason for the uneven distribution of cold air throughout the house. The technicians inspect your ductwork during annual maintenance to ensure proper airflow. 

Electrical connection

Faulty wiring can be a potential fire hazard. The technician checks the wiring for any possible problems to ensure an uninterrupted and safe run.

Thermostat calibration

The most common source of trouble that people experience with their AC is the thermostat. Even minor issues with the thermostat can cause the AC unit to malfunction. Hence, the technician checks the placement and condition of the thermostat. He also makes sure that it is optimally calibrated.

Wear and tear parts inspection

Maintenance services are considered the best way to detect wear and tear and minor damages to parts. Since minor damages, when left unchecked, can turn into bigger problems that will require repairs or replacement of parts. 

The information above answers the most common questions about air conditioner maintenance services. If you need a service provider for AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK, A & T Mechanical is the right place to be. We offer solutions to your HVAC needs, contact us at (405)-810-8891 or visit our website today to get a quote.


10 Reasons To Get Your AC Checked

When did you last have your AC serviced? How often do you check your ACs? Getting your AC checked periodically can help increase its longevity. An annual check-up can save your money and time! AC service in Oklahoma City, OK, can be easily availed. 

The 10 Reasons Are

Save Time And Money

Regular check-ups save your time and money, as major problems are detected at an early stage and are rectified sooner. It also helps in increasing the longevity of your AC Unit. It also protects your warranty. Get your AC Repair Oklahoma City, OK, today!

Prevents Unexpected Breakdowns

Breakdowns can happen anytime. Loss of cooling and water leakages are common forms of breakdowns. However, if you do your AC Service in Oklahoma City, OK, regularly, you can avoid such circumstances and save time in repairs!

Better Air Quality

Indoor pollution has become a common problem. Inadequate ventilation, high temperature, and humidity result in the decline of air quality at homes. Changing Air Filters by scheduling AC service in Oklahoma City, OK, can prevent this from happening!

Lesser Major Repairs

The chances of major repairs get narrowed if you get your AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK, regularly. Major issues can be prevented as they are recognized and rectified at an early stage.

Uniformity In Cooling

Sometimes, ACs may not cool the room consistently. There could be drastic differences in the temperatures of different rooms, despite having a common AC for both the rooms. Regular AC service in Oklahoma City can prevent this and help you attain consistent cooling at your homes!

Protects Warranty

Warranty can be utilized only if you adhere to certain conditions and rules prescribed by it. You can get a timely replacement or major repairs at a low cost if you perform regular AC services in Oklahoma City, OK. 

Promotes A Healthier Environment

As regular AC services in Oklahoma City, OK, can prevent indoor pollution. It also helps promote a cleaner and healthier environment at home. It also protects you from allergies and germs. Regular AC Check-ups can improve its performance and reduce the environmental damage caused by carbon footprint.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency can be very beneficial for homeowners. An efficient cooling system will help you save money on bills, cool effectively, and have very little chance of breaking down. A proper AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK, can help you save money, time and improve your AC’s performance.

Longevity Of AC Unit

Regular check-ups can help boost the longevity of your AC. It prevents unusual breakdowns that can cause disturbance and discomfort. All these timely AC repairs in Oklahoma City, OK, will help boost efficiency and keep the AC running for a long time.

Peace Of Mind

Worrying and stress have become inevitable. With responsibilities that pile up one on another, regular AC Check-ups add more to it, and you may end up forgetting about it too! It’s always better to pre-schedule your appointments and relax!

If you are planning to get your AC service in Oklahoma City, OK, you should try A&T Mechanical Company! They provide professional guidance at affordable rates. Book an appointment today!

Top 10 Reasons – Why Air Conditioner Service Is Important!

HVAC contractors provide various services for your AC unit. One of the most important services out of this is the AC service. While all AC services sound the same, there are major differences in what each service covers. According to most Oklahoma HVAC companies, here are 10 reasons why you should hire an AC service in Oklahoma City, OK – 

10 Reasons To Not Skip AC Service

It will help you remain healthy.

Air conditioners are responsible for maintaining clean air inside your home. But a dirty filter and a dirty coil will just lead to bacterial growth. This means you won’t be able to control your allergies and remain healthy.

It will help extend the lifespan.

Maintenance and servicing contracts are made to ensure nothing wrong with your AC at regular intervals. Solving a problem before it becomes a problem will extend the lifespan of your AC. 

You can enjoy a cleaner home.

Your AC can distribute tiny dust particles without you noticing it. This is all because of your dirty filter. But a maintenance service will replace this filter, and you won’t have to worry about them! 

You don’t have to worry about expenses.

One of the biggest worries as a homeowner is a last-minute HVAC breakdown. With a maintenance service, you don’t have to worry about keeping a budget amount for this service and can relax in peace! 

It will reduce the cost in the long run.

While HVAC service and maintenance are not free, doing these regularly means you can detect a problem beforehand. So, in the long run, you will be saving money to replace the unit. 

It will stop a random breakdown.

The hard truth about ACs is that they don’t break down without reason. The reason behind a random breakdown is that you didn’t know it was having a problem! Hiring a maintenance service will keep you on track with your AC’s needs. 

You get a cooler home.

Air filters are delicate parts that will determine the temperature of air that comes out. This means without clean filters, your AC will give out warm air until replaced. A contractor will do this replacement and cleaning for you. 

You get a better-smelling home.

The air filter can also cause your house to smell bad. But, replacing them regularly will ensure you get a clean, cool, and nice-smelling home without any problems.

 It will increase your energy efficiency.

Having an energy-efficient unit means you’re getting the most out of what you pay. With a maintenance service, you can easily achieve this goal by tuning up your unit to work efficiently. 

It aligns with the warranty.

Most manufacturers require you to complete maintenance service at least once a year. This way, you can continue availing of the warranty and have a fully functioning unit. 

Don’t know who to call?

If you don’t have an HVAC contractor, choose A&T Mechanical Heating & Air Services. With 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, no better contractor provides AC repair in Oklahoma City. You can find out more about their services by visiting their website –  https://www.okatmechanical.com.


Protecting Your AC From the Weather: What You Need to Know

From cold winters to hot summers and wet rainy seasons, the weather takes many unforeseeable extreme turns. Soaring temperatures and sudden weather changes are majorly responsible for the deterioration of our home appliances, especially the air conditioning units. 

During uncomfortable weather conditions, we depend on our air conditioning units for comfort, but these appliances are equally prone to deteriorating in swinging weather conditions. We need to learn ways to ensure the long life of our ACs to avoid frequent air conditioner repair OKC services. 

Every AC unit requires a few precautionary measures in extreme weather conditions so that it does not wear off in just a couple of years. Not giving attention to the unit would mean that your summers can turn into nightmares if your device breaks down due to poor maintenance. 

Adopting the below-mentioned tips and techniques can protect your AC from tough weather and will result in the maximum durability of the unit:

Cover the AC properly

Covering up the exposed part of the air conditioner that is the part that is outside of the home is taking basic precaution. Here the trick is that you don’t go for a simple plastic covering to wrap it up. Though plastic can save you from dust it is ineffective in protection from rainwater. Therefore, you should put a waterproof material covering. Further, keeping a wood log above the unit prevents snow during the winter.

Planting around the unit

It may sound odd, but growing plants around the air conditioner unit is also a part of protecting it from the weather. These plants and shrubs fight against the extreme weather conditions surrounding your air conditioning unit. They contribute in improving the quality of air around the unit.

Dust Clearance 

Dust is the biggest enemy of devices like air conditioners and heaters. Not only does it affect the internal machinery of the air conditioner, but, at the same time, it pollutes your room by blowing in the dusty air. Thus it is required to clean up the filters and vents of the air conditioner at least three times a year. 

Power Off 

A simple yet effective thing is to cut off the device’s power when the weather outside is stormy. This negligence of the device can be disastrous for it. Using a voltage stabilizer to prevent the fluctuations and cutting off power during stormy and rainy weather ensures the long life of the AC.


To conclude, we reiterate the fact that trivial things matter the most when it comes to the maintenance of air conditioning or heating devices. Basic actions like cutting off the device’s power when the weather outside is stormy can save it from potential dysfunctionality. 

Putting the above practices in action, you will surely see the difference in terms of the functioning of your air conditioner system. Making a habit of caring for your devices would bring you returns in terms of durability and optimal efficiency of the device.


Fall or Spring: When is The Best Time to Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired?

It’s quite common to encounter problems with your air conditioning unit now and then but getting it repaired or serviced before the summer arrives is essential for you and your family members to stay safe and comfortable. Now, the big question is when is the best time to get your air conditioner repaired and where to go for the best AC repair Oklahoma City OKRead on and get all your answers by the end of this article.

Fall or Spring? 

Many people wonder whether spring is the best time or fall is the best time to get their air conditioner or HVAC system repaired. There is no debate on this question because spring is the ultimate choice for anyone to get their air conditioning unit serviced. Here are some reasons why. 

  • Reduced energy bills: Getting your air conditioning unit serviced before the summer months begin will help you reduce the utility bills because an inefficiently working air conditioner will consume more energy to produce the required temperature. It will result in higher energy bills during the peak of the summer months. 
  • Fewer repairs: Your air conditioner is almost working all the time during the peak of summer months. So if you get your air conditioning unit repaired in the spring, it ensures fewer repairs during the summertime. It also increases the life span of the air conditioning unit. 
  • Maintain manufacturer warranties: Regularly servicing your air conditioning unit prevents the manufacturers from voiding the warranties attached to your air conditioning unit. It is because they know the impotence of regular services. So, servicing your air conditioning unit in the spring before the summer hits hard helps you maintain your warranties. 
  • Easy appointments: Most people think of their air conditioners only after the summer starts. It makes it difficult for them to get an appointment with the technicians as they will be packed up with the appointments for air conditioning repairs. So getting an appointment for your air conditioner repair or service in the spring is the best choice as the manufacturer will be free. 
  • Prolongs lifespan: Bi-annual maintenance can increase your air conditioning unit’s lifespan by 30-35%. An average air conditioning unit comes with a lifespan of 15 years, and you can probably add five years to it with cost-effective maintenance plans. So, use the springtime effectively by getting your air conditioner serviced with ease. 

Thus, getting your air conditioner repaired or serviced during the spring will help the system get fired up and work without any issues. It also helps you know if there is any serious problem with your air conditioner and fix it before the summer starts.

Suppose you will make the best of this spring by planning a repair or service for your air conditioning unit. In that case, you can always contact A & T Mechanical heating and air conditioning services as they provide the best air conditioning service OKC. They have been providing their professional and personalized services at affordable rates for more than thirty years now. 

Contact them today to schedule a meeting!


Importance of Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance

There is nothing more terrible than living in a home with an inefficiently working air conditioner or an air conditioner repair in OKC that has stopped working completely during the peak of summer months. So the need for proper cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioning system is very high for it to work efficiently. Also, a properly maintained air conditioner prevents you from searching for an AC repair OKC during the peak of summer months. 

How cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner helps it in working efficiently?

You might start facing various problems with your air conditioning system if it is not maintained correctly because minor problems will become big headaches for you if they are not taken care of. Let us now look into the details. 

Air conditioner filters:

 Soon after you buy a new air conditioner it might start cooling the room slowly than in the beginning. It is because of dust getting clogged in the air filters of your air conditioner. These clogged air filters will prevent your air conditioner from working efficiently as it blocks its normal airflow. Cleaning your air conditioner frequently is the solution to this problem. Also, ensure that there is not any obstruction or problem in the fan and airflow of the condenser, which is probably located outside of your house. 

Cleaning Evaporator: 

When air passes through the filters the dirt is carried along into the evaporator coil. It decreases the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil. You can clean the dirty coils of an indoor evaporator with the help of a wet cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the evaporator coils ensures that the cooling capacity of your air conditioner is maintained. 

AC coil fins:

 The condenser coils and aluminum fins on the evaporator are easily bent which blocks the airflow through the coil. You can get a tool called “fin comb” from the air conditioning wholesalers, which can help you get these fins almost back into their original condition. The chances are also high for your outdoor condenser to get dirty if there is foliage nearby or if the outdoor environment is dusty. You can quickly notice if any dust is accumulated on it and cleaning it immediately prevents further problems. 

Clean condensate drains:

 Passing a stiff wire through your air conditioner’s drain channels will prevent them from getting clogged. It will help your air conditioning unit to efficiently reduce the humidity and decrease the moisture, which can discolor walls or carpets. 

Window seals:

Before the summer starts check the seal between the window frame and the air conditioner to ensure that they are intact with the metal case. Because moisture can loosen this seal enabling the cool air to escape from your house. 

If you require any help with your air conditioner while cleaning it or if you encounter and any problem with it, you can always contact A & T Mechanical heating and air conditioning services as they provide the best heater repair OKCThey have been providing their professional and personalized services at affordable rates for more than thirty years now. 

Contact them today to schedule a meeting!

Benefits of having an Air Conditioner at your Home or Workspace

In Oklahoma City, the summers are extremely hot and muggy, the winters are very cold and windy, and it is partly cloudy every year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies between 30°F and 94°F and is rarely below 17°F.

In such a climate, having an Air Conditioner becomes more of a necessity rather than a luxury!

How is having an AC beneficial?

Let’s see the various benefits of having an air conditioner at your home or workspace.

  • Having an AC will also keep your home safe as you wouldn’t keep your windows or doors open when the AC is running! Even though the crime rate in Oklahoma City is very low, it’s always better to be cautious.
  • On a hot summer day, seeing people act frustrated and aggressive is very common. It’s not a hidden fact that good air conditioning can improve your overall mood and keep your mental health deteriorating by quite a margin.
  • An AC reduces the possibility of having an asthma attack. 
  • Heat can cause serious damage to electronic devices. Keeping them in a room where the AC is running will keep them in a good working condition.

So far, we have discussed the importance and benefits of having an AC. However, having an Air Conditioner is not enough. You need to make sure that the system is working properly. It is generally recommended to have your air conditioner inspected and maintained at least once a year, preferably before the summer. This will ensure that your system is in proper working condition.

AC servicing in Oklahoma city

Technicians performing AC Service Oklahoma City, OK, will inspect the entire unit to check if there are any leaks or cracks. They will also clean and replace the filters and clean the evaporator coil.

The AC repair in Oklahoma city, OK, consists of the following steps:

  • The first step of AC service in Oklahoma city, OK, is to check if the water is dripping in the AC system.
  • During the service, all the dirt and dust are removed and cleaned to prevent any system problems.
  • The cleaning of mould buildup and dust from the air conditioner condenser and evaporator fan is also done.
  • The technician will also check the coolant level of the AC. If the level is less, the AC will stop working. Therefore the technician will have to make sure that it is on the appropriate level.

Ensure you have the contractor or company you feel most comfortable with. Take your own time to find the perfect company for you to take care of all your services and repairs for HVAC systems. 

Top AC Repair/Service in Oklahoma City

One of the best AC service Oklahoma city OK, and AC repair service in Oklahoma city, OK, is A & T Mechanical. It had been servicing the heat and air needs in Central Oklahoma for over 30 years. It is a small family-owned and operated business located in Edmond, OK. Call us now for the best service!