Importance of Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance

There is nothing more terrible than living in a home with an inefficiently working air conditioner or an air conditioner repair in OKC that has stopped working completely during the peak of summer months. So the need for proper cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioning system is very high for it to work efficiently. Also, a properly maintained air conditioner prevents you from searching for an AC repair OKC during the peak of summer months. 

How cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner helps it in working efficiently?

You might start facing various problems with your air conditioning system if it is not maintained correctly because minor problems will become big headaches for you if they are not taken care of. Let us now look into the details. 

Air conditioner filters:

 Soon after you buy a new air conditioner it might start cooling the room slowly than in the beginning. It is because of dust getting clogged in the air filters of your air conditioner. These clogged air filters will prevent your air conditioner from working efficiently as it blocks its normal airflow. Cleaning your air conditioner frequently is the solution to this problem. Also, ensure that there is not any obstruction or problem in the fan and airflow of the condenser, which is probably located outside of your house. 

Cleaning Evaporator: 

When air passes through the filters the dirt is carried along into the evaporator coil. It decreases the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil. You can clean the dirty coils of an indoor evaporator with the help of a wet cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the evaporator coils ensures that the cooling capacity of your air conditioner is maintained. 

AC coil fins:

 The condenser coils and aluminum fins on the evaporator are easily bent which blocks the airflow through the coil. You can get a tool called “fin comb” from the air conditioning wholesalers, which can help you get these fins almost back into their original condition. The chances are also high for your outdoor condenser to get dirty if there is foliage nearby or if the outdoor environment is dusty. You can quickly notice if any dust is accumulated on it and cleaning it immediately prevents further problems. 

Clean condensate drains:

 Passing a stiff wire through your air conditioner’s drain channels will prevent them from getting clogged. It will help your air conditioning unit to efficiently reduce the humidity and decrease the moisture, which can discolor walls or carpets. 

Window seals:

Before the summer starts check the seal between the window frame and the air conditioner to ensure that they are intact with the metal case. Because moisture can loosen this seal enabling the cool air to escape from your house. 

If you require any help with your air conditioner while cleaning it or if you encounter and any problem with it, you can always contact A & T Mechanical heating and air conditioning services as they provide the best heater repair OKCThey have been providing their professional and personalized services at affordable rates for more than thirty years now. 

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Benefits of having an Air Conditioner at your Home or Workspace

In Oklahoma City, the summers are extremely hot and muggy, the winters are very cold and windy, and it is partly cloudy every year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies between 30°F and 94°F and is rarely below 17°F.

In such a climate, having an Air Conditioner becomes more of a necessity rather than a luxury!

How is having an AC beneficial?

Let’s see the various benefits of having an air conditioner at your home or workspace.

  • Having an AC will also keep your home safe as you wouldn’t keep your windows or doors open when the AC is running! Even though the crime rate in Oklahoma City is very low, it’s always better to be cautious.
  • On a hot summer day, seeing people act frustrated and aggressive is very common. It’s not a hidden fact that good air conditioning can improve your overall mood and keep your mental health deteriorating by quite a margin.
  • An AC reduces the possibility of having an asthma attack. 
  • Heat can cause serious damage to electronic devices. Keeping them in a room where the AC is running will keep them in a good working condition.

So far, we have discussed the importance and benefits of having an AC. However, having an Air Conditioner is not enough. You need to make sure that the system is working properly. It is generally recommended to have your air conditioner inspected and maintained at least once a year, preferably before the summer. This will ensure that your system is in proper working condition.

AC servicing in Oklahoma city

Technicians performing AC Service Oklahoma City, OK, will inspect the entire unit to check if there are any leaks or cracks. They will also clean and replace the filters and clean the evaporator coil.

The AC repair in Oklahoma city, OK, consists of the following steps:

  • The first step of AC service in Oklahoma city, OK, is to check if the water is dripping in the AC system.
  • During the service, all the dirt and dust are removed and cleaned to prevent any system problems.
  • The cleaning of mould buildup and dust from the air conditioner condenser and evaporator fan is also done.
  • The technician will also check the coolant level of the AC. If the level is less, the AC will stop working. Therefore the technician will have to make sure that it is on the appropriate level.

Ensure you have the contractor or company you feel most comfortable with. Take your own time to find the perfect company for you to take care of all your services and repairs for HVAC systems. 

Top AC Repair/Service in Oklahoma City

One of the best AC service Oklahoma city OK, and AC repair service in Oklahoma city, OK, is A & T Mechanical. It had been servicing the heat and air needs in Central Oklahoma for over 30 years. It is a small family-owned and operated business located in Edmond, OK. Call us now for the best service!

A Definitive Guide To Choose The Best Heating Services In Oklahoma

Every resident in Oklahoma City would be aware of the hardships that one could face without a sound heating system at home, for which it is crucial to be kept in a pristine condition. Heating systems in Oklahoma City are one of the heaviest investment attracting equipment at home that requires regular heating services in Oklahoma and seeks your attention.

Heating services in Oklahoma ranges across services like installation, maintenance, and heating repairs in OKC. Multiple dealers provide heating services in Oklahoma, which makes it a tedious job to pick one that suits your budget also providing satisfactory service.

In the text that follows, we will be enumerating points that would help in your decision to choose the best servicemen for heating repairs and heating services in Oklahoma.

Choose the company that offers the following 


Professionalism is the primary quality to seek in heating services Oklahoma City OK. Professionalism defines the customer-satisfaction ability of the business. More professionalism at work means that they would work an extra mile to give you the best experience with them and assure you of quality.


No one wishes to get their precious possessions handled by someone far from being reputed. The HVAC specialist who holds prominence carries an immense experience which makes him best for excellence at service.

Punctuality at work

Punctuality is the most desirable trait that marks the quality of initial experience with an HVAC specialist. There are times when one becomes a clumsy cause of the breakdown of his heating system at home, which makes it the opportunity-scoring moment for the HVAC specialist to serve the homeowner on time. Therefore, look for the reviews that validate the punctuality of the HVAC specialist.


If an HVAC specialist provides the best quality work along with a bit of interactiveness, it would be the icing on the cake. An interactive HVAC specialist would recommend how you could operate and maintain your heating system to make it serve you longer. Might be, he could be a jolly good fellow that would make your day with an interactive conversation while servicing your heating system with excellence.


Every person in the world wishes to get his work done on time with expertise. A specialist with good time-management skills would not only get the job done on time but also won’t make you stand longer for supervising the job.

Annual maintenance contracts

Repairs and maintenance become easy going with Annual Maintenance Contracts because an AMC covers all the requirements like installation, repairs, and maintenance of your heating and cooling appliances without making you search for a technician every time you need him.

Brand of heating system

Few providers of heating repairs and heating services in Oklahoma have a limited lineup of HVAC brands with them. Whenever you plan to get your heating services and heating repairs in OKC, make sure to ask if they carry the brand of your HVAC system. Enquiring makes it easier to find the perfect fit in times of need.

A & T Mechanical is a family-operated business that has been serving Oklahoma City for 30 years. We offer a vast lineup of heat pump repair Oklahoma City OK, like installation, maintenance, and heating repair OKC. Contact us at (405)-810-8891  to schedule your appointment now!

Tips to keep your AC in top-notched condition

AC repair and maintenance can be a tedious task. On top of being an expensive expenditure, all the mechanical details can be intimidating to keep up with. Many questions pop up regarding the proper maintenance and repair of your house’s air conditioning system.

How does it work? What are the combinations and components of the machinery that needs maintenance? What do I do to keep it in a top-notched condition? 

Well, here are some tips to keep your AC in flawless condition, extend its lifespan and save money at the same time:

Change your Air filter every month

Changing the air filter will help you avoid a dirty filter hindering the airflow and putting a strain on your AC, which would reduce the cool air flowing into your house. If not changed, the filter’s dust travels across the system’s unit and sticks to the parts inside.

You will find two types of air filters for your AC. The first one being disposable, they are cheaper. The second one being the reusable one. They might be more expensive than the disposable ones, but they’re worth every penny spent. Every AC system has a different size and dimensions.  

Properly maintain the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is the compressor/condenser. It transfers heat from inside the house to the outside. This is where the gaseous refrigerant becomes liquid again. You need to keep it clean and maintain it in good condition, free of any obstruction.

The dirt and debris will clog up the condenser, obstructing the airflow, which will significantly strain the unit and significantly reduce the cooling capacity of the system. Avoid using a pressure washer for the condenser fins are delicate and can be damaged easily.

Up keeping the Condensation Drainage System

Condensation builds up on the cold evaporator coil when you’re AC is running, decreasing air humidity in your house. The excess drips off the coil down into the drain pan in the unit. The drain pan has a drainage hole for water to escape through. With time, the drain and piping clogs lead to the overflowing of the water’s water from the unit. It would help if you cleaned the drain by flushing it with a bleach cup to remove the algae growing on the piping. You can also use the AC drain pan tablets. They clean the algae from the entire system by melting it.

Find the right HVAC service

Although the idea of DIY repairing and maintaining your AC by yourself might sound tempting, you are better off calling a professional HVAC service for the proper care and repair of your system. Keep in mind that your home AC system is a complex collection of components, the right AC repair Oklahoma City OK services for your AC unit might not be easy.

A&T Mechanical Heat and Air Services Inc. are exactly what you want for your Air conditioning system. With over 30 years of experience helping customers with AC repair OKC, we provide a professional solution to all your problems. We are reliable and efficient. We are certified, hardworking, and trained with repair and maintenance service for different types of systems.

Common problems with your heater

Your heater is your best friend during the winter season. It’s necessary to keep it in an optimal condition to continue to keep your family, friend, and yourself warm and comfortable. Multiple things can go with your heater. If your home isn’t as warm as you want it to be, regardless of adjusting and readjusting the thermostat over and over again, you might want someone professional heating services Oklahoma City OK and the surrounding areas.

Below are a few common issues you would want to look out for.

Lack of maintenance

Spending all those dollars on the furnace will go down the drain if you don’t take care of its maintenance. It is advised to get your heater serviced annually to avoid inefficiency, breakdowns, or any other problems. Also, while servicing, the HVAC tech will be able to identify the early warning signs of an issue and take care of them on the spot before it could compound into multiple troubles down the road.

Clogging of filters

If you notice a lot of dust collecting on your furniture, the problem isn’t that you left a window open. There might be an issue with your heater; there could be an issue with your duct or your heater’s air filter. It is a must to change the air filter once every month. A clogged air filter stops the airflow and will drive up the energy bills and make your system work much harder to heat your house. This is crucial for the life span of your furnace and keeps it as efficient as possible.

Mechanical abrasion

Hearing a clunking or banging sound from your heater is not something you want to brush off. You might want to get it checked as soon as possible. As the heater ages, it experiences wear and tears on its mechanical components that might be necessary for the unit’s proper operation, including belts, bearing, etc. These parts prevent your heater from overheating and possibly causing a fire or some other issue. It is better to replace and repair the parts that are not working efficiently, hence optimizing the heaters all over performance.

Issues with the thermostat

When you couldn’t get your home warmed according to your needs, your heater’s lack of heat is not an issue you would want to overlook. At times the thermostat might be the problem. It can run out of battery life or have an issue with the wiring and might require repair or replacement. The thermostat needs to work properly. Otherwise, you will have issues regulating the temperature, and your home might get too hot or too cold.

These issues might not look like a huge problem initially but might compound a bigger problem at a later date. It is better to get them checked before they cause some catastrophe.

A&T Mechanical Heat and Air Services Inc. are exactly what you want for your Air conditioning service OKC. With over 30 years of experience helping customers with heater repair OKC, we provide a professional solution to all your problems. We are reliable and efficient. We are certified, hardworking, and trained with repair and maintenance service for different types of systems.

Reliable furnace repair service in Central Oklahoma

Imagine having to survive the harsh winters this year without a furnace to warm your place. With the ongoing pandemic, you must make sure everyone is comfortable and warm during the holidays. Regular maintenance will prevent any future breakdowns of the furnace systems. 

A&T Mechanical is the go-to place for furnace replacement Oklahoma City OK and heater repair in OKC. We have been in the business for over 30 years, dedicating our time and best services to our clients. We ensure you a warm home during the winters. 

What to do when you can smell pungent odors from your furnace

If you can smell weird odors like plastic burning, a metallic smell, pungent odors, then your furnace needs immediate repair. These smells can be a health hazard. To keep you and your loved ones protected, follow the steps given below before you re-enter your home. 

Step 1. Switch off the running furnace appliance immediately. If there is a gas leakage, make sure you stop the source of the leakage instantly. 

Step 2. Evacuate your home. The gas leakage from the furnace may indicate the presence of carbon monoxide in your home. This can be dangerous to your health and your home as this gas is inflammable. So it is best to evacuate your home until it is declared safe to return by an expert. 

Step 3. Call our emergency helpline services. Gas leakages are very harmful to both you and your neighbors. That is why you must call an expert before handling the situation yourself.

Step 4. After the diagnosis of your furnace system, schedule the repair immediately. Ensure trained professional repairs the system as soon as possible for you to return to your home. 

What services do we provide?

The heating services Oklahoma City, OK  services we provide at A&T Mechanical is durable and affordable. We offer the best services that are energy-efficient that add a longer life span to your appliance. With regular maintenance of your furnace, your furnace will function efficiently throughout the year, and therefore, it will keep your house warm throughout the chilly season.

Therefore, if you decide to go forward with furnace repairing or installations, call us today for free estimates. In the range of furnaces, we offer:

  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Furnace Service
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Furnace Parts
  • Furnace Repair

Why choose us?

  • Skilled professionals

With our expert team of professional technicians, we deliver superior quality work promising to fix all the problems our clients are facing in no time. 

  • Free Estimates:

Whenever you contact us for our services, we make sure to provide you with free estimates and evaluations of your heating furnace system so that you can get a better insight into its condition.

  • Cost-efficient

 We offer our services at affordable prices. There are no hidden charges involved. We want to make sure our customers are delighted with our services and pricing range.

  • Trusted customer service

We believe in maintaining a good relationship with our clients. Our trained staff ensures that we build this bond by assessing your problems and by providing an easy and affordable solution.

Contact us today.

Why Should You Always Call an HVAC Professional for Furnace Repair?

What’s the worst thing that can happen to you on a winter night? Well, according to us, it’s a broken HVAC unit. And we don’t think any other technical grief could top that.

Breaking Down of HVAC Units

Your HVAC units ease your winter nights very effectively. However, when they are down, the nights could become distressing. Even new units could fail and reverse their functioning methodology, that is, emit cold air instead of warm.

Although some of these glitches are easy enough for you to resolve, we suggest you always contact a professional in such situations. A reputed heat pump repair Oklahoma City OK, and air conditioner repair OKC, can instantly resolve your HVAC issues without wasting your time and money.

We are listing some principal reasons why your furnace might not be working as smoothly as it does.

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters are an essential component of your furnace. However, when they are clogged, they turn into an extensive threat-posing element. These clogged air filters could increase the furnace’s runtime, which results in overheating.

Overheating cannot be overlooked as a minor recurring glitch as it destroys the internal structure of your furnace. An overheated furnace, in turn, trains the heat exchanger, which succumbs to that pressure after a certain point.

Heat exchangers are expensive elements. And to avoid the circumstances where you need to replace them, call your HVAC contractors for repairs. Avoiding professional assistance will only worsen the problem.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Most of the HVAC hitches begin with the thermostat. People tend to conclude that their furnace is damaged even before checking their thermostats.

  • All we suggest is that you check if the thermostat is on and set to HEAT mode.
  • If it is already on HEAT mode and yet hurling out cold air, change the batteries.

If neither of these adjustments works, we recommend you to shut down your system. Subsequently, register a malfunctioning complaint to your contractor for furnace replacement oklahoma city OK and heater repair OKC.

Defective Ductwork

The hot air that your furnace produces is circulated throughout your home via ducts. Alternatively, if your duct is cracked or dysfunctional, the air it emits will be mostly cold.

  • If your duct is somehow damaged or cracked, it can invite the outer cold air to mix with the furnace’s warm atmosphere.
  • This combination could overpower the effect of warm air and deliver you lukewarm or even completely cold air.

If you ever encounter reductions in your warm airflow, call in an HVAC technician. The technician can fix the crevices effectively to avert any cold air situations.

Dangers of Dealing With HVAC Problems As a Beginner

You may think that you are capable of fixing most of these HVAC issues but let us warn you of the dangers that lie ahead:

  • Inexperienced hands on the system can lead to shocks.
  • Furnaces are a hub of toxins; and dealing with them through amateur skills can expose you to those toxins.

If your heating equipment ever crashes, contact A & T Mechanical at (405) 810-8891. We take immense pride in being renowned as the best heating services Oklahoma City OK.