A heat pump is a fixed appliance that can malfunction due to wear and tear. When your heat pump fails to work during the warm summers in Oklahoma, it is time to call for heat pump repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

Please see our guide below on some of the causes and solutions to heat pumps that malfunction.

The Workings of Heat Pumps

It is a cooling system that can simultaneously function as a heater, switching back and forth between the two modes. The popularity of these devices is because they control indoor temperature both in summer and winter with a single pump. The result is that they are very efficient! As a result, we often suggest heat pumps for homes.

In comparison to air conditioners, heat pumps are more complicated. As a result, heat pumps are prone to problems that standard air conditioners are not.  

It is possible, for instance, for your heat pump to get stuck in heating mode during the summer and stop blowing cool air. When your heat pump fails to adjust the temperature within your home, you will need to identify the problem and resolve it.

Analyzing the Problem

It is essential to identify why the heat pump is not blowing cool air before correcting the issue. Verify that the thermostat is fixed to chill before making any changes. The heat pump will blow hot air if the thermostat is set to heating mode.

A new thermostat strength is a significant design if yours is getting old. That is particularly true if your current thermostat is a manual one. You will benefit even if you upgrade your thermostat to a programmable model, and you will still be better off with a WiFi or intelligent model. They are comparatively very affordable compared to a traditional HVAC system and are very easy to install!

When the thermostat is functioning appropriately, the reversing valve may be responsible for the pump’s inefficiency.

Using the Reversing Valve

Similar to air conditioners, heat pumps are built to cool down the temperature. However, they differ from air conditioners by having reversing valves. 

Refrigerant lines of heat pumps are equipped with a 4-way valve. Within the valve, there is a slide that you can move between the two positions according to the settings. 

When the refrigerant is first, it flows in one direction to produce a cooling effect. By reversing its direction, the refrigerant generates heat in the second position. If this valve is stuck in one place for any reason, the heating pump will only blow cool air or hot air, depending on where it is stuck.

Even if the thermostat is relaxed and the heat pump is set to cool, if you find that your system is only blowing hot air, there may be an issue with the reversing valve. In this situation, a dependable heat pump repair service in OK is essential.

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