Why get a regular maintenance service for your AC? An air conditioner checked and tuned up regularly is less likely to surprise you with a breakdown and leave you stranded in the heat, needing an air conditioner repair in OKC. Regular maintenance ensures a smooth and energy-efficient run, helping you save on power bills. And ultimately, a well-maintained AC will have a longer lifespan. 

How often should you schedule a maintenance service? Most residential units only require an annual tune-up. However, sometimes people with overused units or ones that serve as both heaters and coolers also scheduled tune-ups bi-annually.

Which is the perfect time for annual residential maintenance service? The spring season is considered to be the best time of the year for annual AC maintenance service. The pricing is at its best, and it makes sure your AC is ready for the summer just in time. 

What does this maintenance include? The following is a checklist for the standard procedure that your service provider will use for your annual AC maintenance service – 

Condensate drain line cleaning

Drain lines can get clogged easily with dirt and debris. Leaving them clogged will result in a restricted outbound flow of the moisture that the unit collects. Hence, your maintenance service includes a thorough cleaning of the drain line. 

Condenser and evaporator coils inspection

The position of the evaporator coil makes it more vulnerable to dirt and debris. It is thus quite easily clogged. The condenser, although placed inside, is also prone to get clogged by dirt. If the condenser and evaporator coils are restricted, there will be an added pressure on the rest of the unit to support the flow of hot and cool air. Such a situation can easily result in a breakdown.

Ductwork inspection

Faults in the ductwork are the reason for the uneven distribution of cold air throughout the house. The technicians inspect your ductwork during annual maintenance to ensure proper airflow. 

Electrical connection

Faulty wiring can be a potential fire hazard. The technician checks the wiring for any possible problems to ensure an uninterrupted and safe run.

Thermostat calibration

The most common source of trouble that people experience with their AC is the thermostat. Even minor issues with the thermostat can cause the AC unit to malfunction. Hence, the technician checks the placement and condition of the thermostat. He also makes sure that it is optimally calibrated.

Wear and tear parts inspection

Maintenance services are considered the best way to detect wear and tear and minor damages to parts. Since minor damages, when left unchecked, can turn into bigger problems that will require repairs or replacement of parts. 

The information above answers the most common questions about air conditioner maintenance services. If you need a service provider for AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK, A & T Mechanical is the right place to be. We offer solutions to your HVAC needs, contact us at (405)-810-8891 or visit our website today to get a quote.

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