There is nothing more terrible than living in a home with an inefficiently working air conditioner or an air conditioner repair in OKC that has stopped working completely during the peak of summer months. So the need for proper cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioning system is very high for it to work efficiently. Also, a properly maintained air conditioner prevents you from searching for an AC repair OKC during the peak of summer months. 

How cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner helps it in working efficiently?

You might start facing various problems with your air conditioning system if it is not maintained correctly because minor problems will become big headaches for you if they are not taken care of. Let us now look into the details. 

Air conditioner filters:

 Soon after you buy a new air conditioner it might start cooling the room slowly than in the beginning. It is because of dust getting clogged in the air filters of your air conditioner. These clogged air filters will prevent your air conditioner from working efficiently as it blocks its normal airflow. Cleaning your air conditioner frequently is the solution to this problem. Also, ensure that there is not any obstruction or problem in the fan and airflow of the condenser, which is probably located outside of your house. 

Cleaning Evaporator: 

When air passes through the filters the dirt is carried along into the evaporator coil. It decreases the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil. You can clean the dirty coils of an indoor evaporator with the help of a wet cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the evaporator coils ensures that the cooling capacity of your air conditioner is maintained. 

AC coil fins:

 The condenser coils and aluminum fins on the evaporator are easily bent which blocks the airflow through the coil. You can get a tool called “fin comb” from the air conditioning wholesalers, which can help you get these fins almost back into their original condition. The chances are also high for your outdoor condenser to get dirty if there is foliage nearby or if the outdoor environment is dusty. You can quickly notice if any dust is accumulated on it and cleaning it immediately prevents further problems. 

Clean condensate drains:

 Passing a stiff wire through your air conditioner’s drain channels will prevent them from getting clogged. It will help your air conditioning unit to efficiently reduce the humidity and decrease the moisture, which can discolor walls or carpets. 

Window seals:

Before the summer starts check the seal between the window frame and the air conditioner to ensure that they are intact with the metal case. Because moisture can loosen this seal enabling the cool air to escape from your house. 

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