From cold winters to hot summers and wet rainy seasons, the weather takes many unforeseeable extreme turns. Soaring temperatures and sudden weather changes are majorly responsible for the deterioration of our home appliances, especially the air conditioning units. 

During uncomfortable weather conditions, we depend on our air conditioning units for comfort, but these appliances are equally prone to deteriorating in swinging weather conditions. We need to learn ways to ensure the long life of our ACs to avoid frequent air conditioner repair OKC services. 

Every AC unit requires a few precautionary measures in extreme weather conditions so that it does not wear off in just a couple of years. Not giving attention to the unit would mean that your summers can turn into nightmares if your device breaks down due to poor maintenance. 

Adopting the below-mentioned tips and techniques can protect your AC from tough weather and will result in the maximum durability of the unit:

Cover the AC properly

Covering up the exposed part of the air conditioner that is the part that is outside of the home is taking basic precaution. Here the trick is that you don’t go for a simple plastic covering to wrap it up. Though plastic can save you from dust it is ineffective in protecting you from rainwater. Therefore, you should put a waterproof material covering. Further, keeping a wood log above the unit prevents snow during the winter.

Planting around the unit

It may sound odd, but growing plants around the air conditioner unit is also a part of protecting it from the weather. These plants and shrubs fight against the extreme weather conditions surrounding your air conditioning unit. They contribute to improving the quality of air around the unit.

Dust Clearance 

Dust is the biggest enemy of devices like air conditioners and heaters. Not only does it affect the internal machinery of the air conditioner, but, at the same time, it pollutes your room by blowing in the dusty air. Thus it is required to clean up the filters and vents of the air conditioner at least three times a year. 

Power Off 

A simple yet effective thing is to cut off the device’s power when the weather outside is stormy. This negligence of the device can be disastrous for it. Using a voltage stabilizer to prevent fluctuations and cutting off power during stormy and rainy weather ensures the long life of the AC.


To conclude, we reiterate the fact that trivial things matter the most when it comes to the maintenance of air conditioning or heating devices. Basic actions like cutting off the device’s power when the weather outside is stormy can save it from potential dysfunctionality. 

Putting the above practices into action, you will surely see the difference in terms of the functioning of your air conditioner system. Making a habit of caring for your devices would bring you returns in terms of durability and optimal efficiency of the device.

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