Jesse Alvarez (Owner)

He has always felt the need to help people. He loves life and wants to help people be the best they can be.  A&T has been a great achievement to do that very thing with workers and customers. Having his children work in the company and see them grow with the same values to help others is one of his greatest achievements.


Jesse Alvarez bought it in 1985 he had over 30 employees and over 20 trucks. He did really well. He was able to take care of his family. He was doing new construction.

Joseph Alvarez (CEO)

Joseph Alvarez also enjoys hanging out with his family on the weekends. If he is by himself then you will find him playing soccer or at the movies.

Two of Joseph’s favorite things he enjoys having a nice steak and an old fashion “adult beverage”. Joseph wears many colors but his favorite color he likes to wear is Blue because it reminds him of the sky. And something interesting about Joseph is he has always wanted to travel overseas to Germany.


Tamara Razo-Lopez is from Buena Park, California. Or what everyone knows it as: Disneyland. Tamara enjoys watching movies and swimming when its hot outside. One of Tamara’s favorite food is tacos, tacos and more tacos. She can eat tacos everyday if she wanted to. One fun thing that Tamara has done is swimming with the dolphins but she is still waiting to go scuba diving.


Stacey Carr is laid back, always looking for a challenge and is a curious person. She enjoys playing pranks on people, playing soccer and watching movies. She has always wanted to go to Egypt because pyramids are totally crazy and Logan, Utah because her grandma and grandpa’s old cabin is there.


Trey has lived in Moore,OK his whole life. Trey enjoys being with his family. Customer services is his #1 priority. Trey loves going down to the river to ride with friends. He wants to stay in Heat and Air for a permanent career.


Bill Nevins grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma. Some of his favorite things to do is watching football, hanging out with his family and he really likes to weld. Something that Bill has always wanted to do is Skydiving.

Eliell Ibarra

Eli ibarra is from Shawnee Oklahoma. His love for heating and air started at a young age after graduating high school. on the weekends he enjoys activities such as fishing and hiking with his wife and family. Eli also enjoys working on his project cars which has been a passion of his for a long time.