AC repair and maintenance can be tedious tasks. On top of being an expensive expenditure, all the mechanical details can be intimidating to keep up with. Many questions pop up regarding the proper maintenance and repair of your house’s air conditioning system.

How does it work? What are the combinations and components of the machinery that needs maintenance? What do I do to keep it in a top-notched condition? 

Well, here are some tips to keep your AC in flawless condition, extend its lifespan and save money at the same time:

Change your Air filter every month

Changing the air filter will help you avoid a dirty filter hindering the airflow and putting a strain on your AC, which would reduce the cool air flowing into your house. If not changed, the filter’s dust travels across the system’s unit and sticks to the parts inside.

You will find two types of air filters for your AC. The first one is disposable, they are cheaper. The second one is the reusable one. They might be more expensive than the disposable ones, but they’re worth every penny spent. Every AC system has a different size and dimensions.  

Properly maintain the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is the compressor/condenser. It transfers heat from inside the house to the outside. This is where the gaseous refrigerant becomes liquid again. You need to keep it clean and maintain it in good condition, free of any obstruction.

The dirt and debris will clog up the condenser, obstructing the airflow, which will significantly strain the unit and significantly reduce the cooling capacity of the system. Avoid using a pressure washer for the condenser fins are delicate and can be damaged easily.

Up keeping the Condensation Drainage System

Condensation builds up on the cold evaporator coil when you’re AC is running, decreasing air humidity in your house. The excess drips off the coil down into the drain pan in the unit. The drain pan has a drainage hole for water to escape through. With time, the drain and piping clogs lead to the overflowing of the water’s water from the unit. It would help if you cleaned the drain by flushing it with a bleach cup to remove the algae growing on the piping. You can also use the AC drain pan tablets. They clean the algae from the entire system by melting it.

Find the right HVAC service

Although the idea of DIY repairing and maintaining your AC by yourself might sound tempting, you are better off calling a professional HVAC service for the proper care and repair of your system. Keep in mind that your home AC system is a complex collection of components, the right AC repair Oklahoma City OK services for your AC unit might not be easy.

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