These days, companies release newer versions and models of their products ever so often, especially when the product is technical equipment. You may buy the latest machine model today and find a better version of the same released in six months. HVAC equipment is not different. 

However, one cannot just replace their heating or cooling system every year, and yet, must recognize the need for an upgrade when it is due. How can you tell? Considering the following points in the context of your heating or cooling system will help you identify if it is time for an upgrade.

An inefficient boiler or furnace

The key feature of an efficient boiler is high fuel utilization efficiency which means low carbon emissions. Recognizing that your boiler or furnace is inefficient and needs to be replaced is quite easy. Watch out for signs like the boiler emitting heat, poorly insulated ductwork, the presence of pilot light on the heater, and the furnace being the wrong size. 

If you observe any of these things, it is time to call on heating services in Oklahoma City, OK, for a replacement. 

Choosing replacement over repair

It is usually advisable to try air conditioner repair in OKC before you think about a replacement. However, if you find that repair has become too frequent or the repair calls for new parts that will be expensive anyway, it is more efficient to go for a replacement instead.  

Low Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating helps determine the seasonal efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Since energy (fuel or gas) efficiency can be measured in heating systems, the SEER rating is a similar measurement for air conditioners. The higher this rating is (13 is considered the minimum, while 16 is average and 20 is good), the better.

Outdated model

Although a well-maintained system can last for well over a decade, newer models are proven to be more energy-efficient and come with modernistic features like the currently highly popular smart thermostats. So, if the age of your system is nearing ten years, it may be time for an upgrade.

Desire to increase the property’s market value

If you wish to increase your house’s resale/market value, installing a brand new heating and cooling systems is a way of instantly accomplishing the same. The installation cost will be a sound investment here as you are likely to get a much better price this way.

Availing of tax credits and rebate

As a part of their initiatives to promote energy-efficient systems, the governments (both federal and local) offer different kinds of tax benefits. You can avail of these by replacing your old system with a more efficient one.

With the help of this list, you shall be able to recognize it when your heating or cooling system needs an upgrade. For more details and consultation about the same, contact A & T Mechanical, one of the leading HVAC services and Furnace Repair in OKC, and get a quote today!