With the rise in temperature and constant fatigue, the idea of relaxing in the comfort of your air conditioner home sounds like heaven. It is heaven until your air conditioner unit coughs up and shows symptoms of slowing down or trouble.

What you don’t need in the middle of the blazing summer is a faulty AC unit. Whether it’s not enough to cool air blowing inside the house or if there seems to be fluid leaking from the unit, it is advisable to check up on your system before calling for the nearest HVAC agency for an AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

Reasons your AC is leaking

A common issue with air conditioner units is leakage of fluid. If your air conditioner is leaking a considerable amount of water for more than a day, it is advisable to avail of air conditioner repair services in OKC. There could be many reasons for your air conditioner to leak water – 

Cold Outdoor Temperatures

If the temperature outdoors is below 60 degrees, using the air conditioner can lead to leakage. The evaporator coils could build up with ice and can cause leakage on the unit. You can prevent the freezing of coils by cracking open a window or two or using a ceiling fan.

  • Lack Of Refrigerant

Frozen coils can also be caused by a lack of refrigerant in the air conditioner. With low refrigerant levels, the pressure in the system decreases as well, leading to iced coils and leaking. This can be solved by adding more refrigerants.

  • Blocked Drain Pipe

The condensate water in your air conditioner system is designed in such a way so that it moves out for smooth functioning. When the pipe is blocked from dirt and debris, it leads to water buildup and ultimately leaks out of the system.

  • Dirty Air Filters

In the case that your filters are dirty or blocked, there is no proper ventilation. Your coils can freeze up and cause leaks in your AC system. Professionals advise you to clean your air filters every 30-60 days for easier air movement.

  • Broken Pump

Once your air conditioner’s condensate pump breaks, excess water would not be pumped out of the system into the condenser pan. This causes slow leaks from your air conditioner system.

  • Broken Condensate Pan

With age, your air conditioner’s condensate pan can rust or split, which in turn causes leaks from your air conditioner. You can replace a faulty pan or contact a professional to look into it.

  • Improper Installation

If your air conditioning unit is new but still shows signs of leakage, it ought to be because of faulty installation. Incorrectly installed drain pipes can also lead to water leaking from your air conditioner. In this case, look for air conditioner repair in OKC.

With several causes that could be the culprit, calling in a professional to inspect your air conditioning unit is highly recommended. Be sure to contact an HVAC company, like A&T Mechanical, for more information. To avail of the best AC repair in Oklahoma City, OK, Heater Repair in OKC call us at (405)-810-8891. Feel free to write to us at okatmechanical@gmail.com