Ice can form on or inside your air conditioner, even during hot summers when temperatures outside rise. This can cause major issues, so it’s critical to understand why ice forms in air conditioners and how to avoid yours from freezing up. Thus, it is vital to know the indicators and get in touch with Heat Pump Repair in Oklahoma City OK, immediately to prevent further damage. 

When An Air Conditioner Freezes, What Causes It To Do So?

If your air conditioning system freezes, it’s either because something is blocking heat from passing from your home to the Compressed air, or the evaporator coils are becoming too cold.

Several factors can add up and cause your air conditioning unit to freeze up. These can be – 

  • The Refrigerant Level Is Low

You will notice a leak if your refrigerant level is low. As a result, the Freon in the air conditioner’s evaporator coil expands too much, reducing the temperature below freezing and causing ice to form. However, this can be prevented easily by getting the coolant level checked up by a technician from heating services in Oklahoma City, OK. The problem of ice can easily be prevented by regular maintenance checks every year. 

  • The Evaporator Coil Is Filthy

Because it inhibits airflow through the unit, a filthy evaporator coil can cause ice to build on your air conditioner. A filthy coil can also cause considerable harm to the compressor and lead the AC unit to require more electricity while delivering less cool air. To prevent further breakdown, shut off the system completely and call an expert to get the coil cleaned. 

  • Restricted The Airflow Through The Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners require air to move through the system to function effectively. When there is insufficient ventilation, the temperature drops, causing the AC unit to freeze. Dirty air filters, closed vents, and obstructions or leaks in the ductwork can all hinder airflow. The formation of ice due to restricted airflow can easily be prevented by getting your air filters changed and cleaning the ductwork regularly.

  • Failure Of The Mechanical System

Your central air conditioning system can freeze due to broken valves, a damaged blower fan or fan motor, kinked refrigerant lines, or a clogged drain. If there is a mechanical problem, the best course is to shut off the system and connect with a professional for air conditioning repair in OKC to handle the problem.

How Can One Know If There Is Ice In The Air Conditioning System?

Although ice inside your air conditioner is difficult to see, it can cause major harm and must be repaired as soon as possible. It’s normal for air conditioners to drop water in the humid environment of the Midwest. However, a full drip pan could indicate melted ice in the air conditioning system. The sound of ice chunks falling, such as when your refrigerator defrosts, is another warning. 

How To Repair Icing?

If you detect either of these, immediately turn off the air conditioner and let the ice thaw naturally. It is also wise to call a technician for air conditioner repair in OKC

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